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Attracting birds to your new bird feeder

Posted by The Sky Cafe Team on

The Sky CafeMandarin are fantastic bird feeders, but, sadly, they're not magic.  Adding a brand new 5 star squirrel-proof restaurant into the backyard doesn't guarantee instant patrons. Birds are creatures of habit and they can be fickle when it comes to accepting a new feeder.

HAVE PATIENCE, they will come.

How long will it take?

2 seconds, 2 weeks, 2 months... give it time, be patient, and don't give up.

Here are a few tips for attracting cardinals and desirable songbirds to your new Sky CafeMandarin bird feeders.

1. Location, Location, Location!
Position the feeder in a safe attractive spot.
If your location is in Alabama, this (see below) might even happen.

Shade is best. Avoid open uncovered areas and check there is some form of cover, like a bush or a hedge, within 15 feet to ensure that the birds feel secure while visiting your feeder and can quickly flee fling predators like hawks. Hang or pole mount your feeder so that it is out of reach of cats.  Accessorizing your new feeder with additional baffles or wrap-around-skirt can help deter invading squirrels. Also, be mindful that noise produced from traffic and construction can be a negative influence

2.Temp Them
Theres a good chance your neighbors are feeding the birds and you brand new Sky Cafe or Mandarin feeder is
competing with the best feeder in the neighborhood.  Keep your Sky Cafe and Mandarin feeder filled with fresh high quality nutritional seed. Old stale dry seed will not attract birds.  Take a moment to learn what native songbirds are in your area and what food thy enjoy best and will return for. Avoid cheap filler mixes with too much millet, cracked corn, or milo seed. Songbirds prefer high quality seed.  Junk seed attracts sparrows that can overwhelm your feeder and make bring in starlings and large nuisance birds.

Also, try spreading a little seed on the ground beneath the feeder. Birds find food by sight. You can even try spreading seed on a small step ladder leading up to the feeder to help them find the source. Consider adding a birdbath nearby to help birds notice and visit the new feeder, but not to close to avoid messy debris.

3. Replacing & Moving a Feeder
"Dear Arundale Products,I upgraded my feeder to a brand new bigger Sky Cafe and now the birds are gone!"
Sometimes, replacing an older feeder with a new type of feeder can take some adjusting. The shape and size of your bird feeder matters.

For example, Cardinals, who can hesitate at landing on narrow spots, may prefer the wider circular platform of the Sky Cafe over the Mandarin's perches. Then again...

they may like the privacy of having their own individual perch.
Try temporarily removing other feeders in your yard and offering similar seed to limit the choices, as the birds become accustom to the new feeder, other feeders can be returned.  If you need to move your feeder to a different location, transition it slowly the the new location, giving the birds ample time to follow it. 

Be patient... patience is essential.  Taking proper steps to make the feeder attractive to birds can pay off with may hours of joyous bird feeding.

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