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Mandarin Bird Feeder Instructions

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Misplace the Instructions that came with your Mandarin Bird Feeder? Not to worry, here's an online copy.

Mandarin Bird Feeder Assembly Instructions

These instructions apply to Original AR150 Mandarin & AR152 A La Carte

The Mandarin Bird Feeder

The Mandarin carton contains one dome, one bucket with four ports, four perches, one v-wire, on 24" chain, on s-hook, 1 metal washer, 1 rubber washer, and 2 vinyl tips.

Adapting to any new feeder may be affected by the following situations.

  • Other established feeders & natural food sources.
  • Mating; Nesting; Periodic migration.
  • Hawks, dog, cat, raccoon, owl, opossum, snake.
  • Frequent human contact at a new feeder site.
  • Very hot, wet, or windy weather
  • Sickness Pesticide/Herbicide use; Mold
  • Loss of cover or nesting area.

insert perches

1. Insert perches into bird feeder ports. On the end of each perch are two prongs which snap into back of ports.

insert chain and s-hook

2. Attach s-hook to one end of chain. thread chain through hole in washer,* then into feeder dome so that s-hook remains outside

insert v-wire into mandarin

3. Insert v-wire into last link on lower end of chain.

attach v-wire to mandarin bucket

4. Insert v-wire into pre-drilled holes in top of bucket. Press vinyl tips firmly onto protruding ends of v-wire. Let dome slide down onto top of bucket making sure that all four guide posts remain on outside of bucket.

how to hang mandarin feeder

5. Loop chain around the limb to other hanging fixture and fasten the s-hook. For extra security, squeeze s-hook closed.

*For extra protection against squirrels, glue the metal washer to the top of the dome, If your region has high rain or moister, use rubber waster.

IMPORTANT FOR BIRD SAFTY Check bird seed level daily

Do not allow feed level to drop below the top of the portholes. Maintain fee level at minimum of 2" depth. If seed level runs low birds may risk getting caught in feedhole as they try to go deeper to reach seed.

If the feeder is not to be used for a whole, it should be taken down and stored.

mandarin a la carte

Hanging Instructions

how to hang mandarin feeder

1. The Mandarin bird feeder may be hung from tree limb, overhang or any other fixtures provided that the following minimum space requirements are met:

  • a) Allow AT LEAST 6" of chain above top of lid to facilitate refilling with seed. Using more than 6" of chain will discourage squirrels from grasping an over head limb and chewing on the top of the feeder. Don't make it easy for them. (See illustrations #1 and #2)
  • b) Feeder should be hung NO LESS THAN 30" from tree trunk, wall or window, to prevent flank attacks from squirrels and collision damage due to high winds. (See illustration #1)
  • c) To prevent attacks form squirrels, feeder bottom should be NO LOWER THAN 45" from ground. If additional length is needed DO NOT USE ROPE, as squirrels will destroy it in attempting to reach feed. (See Illustration #1)

mandarin 2

2. In northern climates remove any ice accumulation from edges of lid as it can give a foothold to squirrels.

3. To keep feeder like new, simply wash with mild, soapy water. Polish with soft cloth. Do not use spray cleaners or solvents, they could cloud the plastic.

4. Lure your birds with sunflower seed. Scatter some seeds on the ground below the feeder as further encouragement. Your birds will soon grow accustom to their new feeder and begin to use it.

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