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SkyCafe Bird Feeder Instructions

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Misplace the Instructions that came with your Sky Cafe bird feeder? Not to worry, here's an online copy.

Sky Cafe Bird Feeder Assembly Instructions

These instructions apply to the Original AR360 Sky Cafe & AR362 A La Carte

ar360 ar362

1. How it works

This feeder avoids waste and presents food at a natural rate. Seed is not poured into the tray to be wasted by rain, wind or spillage by rowdy squirrels. Your birds will peck and pull seed under the hopper wall just as they forage for food in nature.

skycafe instructions parts labeled

2. Mate seed hopper (1) to tray plate (2) and rotate the plate firmly until it locks into position. If you have a Sky Cafe A La Carte, assemble the SkyCafe dividers and insert them into the hopper.

skycafe dividers

Attach the s-hook (3) to one end of chain (4). Use pliers to close s-hooks onto end of chain. Thread chain thru rubber washer (5) then metal washer (6) then thru feeder dome (7).

Insert the v-wire (8) thru the last link on the end of the chain inside dome. Insert v-wire ends into pre-drilled holes at top of hopper. Press vinyl tips (9) onto protruding ends of the v-wire (8).

Allow the dome to slide onto top of seed hopper. Make sure that all four dome guide posts remain on outside of the hopper.

3. Hanging Instructions
Squirrels have incredible leaping, climbing and balancing abilities. A squirrel can jump up to 8 feet across and up to 5 feet straight up to get to a bird feeder. Also, they have all day to figure out how to get into your feeder.

how to close s-hook

Hang your Sky Cafe 8' or more from the tree trunk and a minimum of 5' above the ground. Allow at least 6" of chain above the dome. Using more chain will discourage squirrels and make refilling easier. Never use rope to suspend your feeder. Squirrels can chew the rope apart.

Do NOT use rope as squirrels will chew through it.

Pole Mounting: In order to get the best fit take the tray with you when purchasing a pole. Also, when pole mounting feeder, be sure to purchase a baffle for underneath the Sky Cafe, such as AR364 Wrap-Around Skirt or AR150 Pole Baffle in order to keep squirrels from climbing the pole. You will also need to secure the top of the feeder with the chain and s-hook provided or you can purchase the AR365 Dome Cord & Lock.

Try a Wrap-Around Skirt or a Squirrel-Away Pole Baffle.

skycafe pole mounting accesories

4. Cleaning

Experts recommend at least monthly cleaning to remove harmful bacteria. Use mild, soapy water, then polish with soft cloth to keep it looking like new. Never use solvents, abrasives, cleansers, or spray cleaners.

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