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SkyCafe; How it's Made

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Our SkyCafe & Mandarin bird feeders are made in Missouri USA, along with all their accessories.

recycled plexiglas pellets
...from small things come great things!

100% Plexiglas® is used to mold our MADE IN AMERICA SkyCafe bird feeders.

100% plexiglas
100% recycyled plexiglas pellets

These tiny pellets will become one of the finest bird feeders on the market.

resin hopper
resin hopper

Resin flows out of this elevated hopper down into the mold.

skycafe press
500 ton press

This massive 500 ton press is used for molding the patented squirrel-proof SkyCafe dome.

skycafe dome mold
2 half make the dome

A minor finish polish on the 2 halves of the tool create a beautiful crystal clear SkyCafe dome.

skycafe being made
Red SkyCafe Dome

The accessories, like the SkyCafe dividers are molded in the USA too.

marc inspecting
Marc, our engineer, inspecting the dividers

Marc, our engineer, inspects the dividers at the 200 ton press as it molds a set of SkyCafe dividers.

skycafe divider mold
SkyCafe divider tool

This is the tool that creates a complete set of SkyCafe Dividers (AR363).

bird feeder dividers
Freshly made SkyCafe Dividers

A set of freshly made dividers are still held together by a "sprue".

steel mold mandarin bird feeder
Mandarin bird feeder mold

The mold for the Mandarin bird feeder bucket is hung by a huge steel ring, shown here at the top. It's really really Heavy!

inspecting bird baths
Plexiglas Bird Bath "splash-pools"

We also make Bird Bath "Splash pools". Here's Marc inspecting the blue plexiglas®.

100% corn plastic
corn plastic coffee mugs

As well as, coffee tumbler mugs made from 100% corn plastic! Here they are coming out of the press 2 by 2.

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