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Tips for Maximum Squirrel-Proofing

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Get the Most out of your Sky Cafe and Mandarin Bird Feeders: Tips for Maximum Squirrel-Proofing

Rated "BEST" Large-Capacity Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

The Sky Cafe and Mandarin Bird Feeders are excellent squirrel-proof bird feeders and the design is rated "BEST" Large-Capacity squirrel-proof bird feeder by ConsumerSearch.com (www.consumersearch.com/bird-feeders)

However, like any other squirrel-proof bird feeder there are additional measures that can be taken to discourage squirrel activity at your Sky Cafe or Mandarin bird feeder. Our patented 17" squirrel-proof dome should be the best defense against squirrel attacks but there are little steps that can be taken to add to its effectiveness.

Never underestimate the little guy.

Squirrels have incredible leaping, climbing and balancing abilities. A squirrel can jump up to 8 feet across and up to 5 feet straight up to get to a bird feeder. Also, they have all day to figure out how to get into your feeder.

Optimal placement for preventing squirrel attacks

1. Placement: Where you decide to place your bird feeder can make all the difference. It is important to choose a location away from trees, fences, balconies, buildings, wires, bushes, clothing lines, and anything else that could become a possible "launching" point. It is optimal to keep your bird feeder at least 8 feet away from objects to prevent flank attacks. Your Sky Cafe or Mandarin bird feeder should be NO LOWER THAN 5 feet off the ground.

2. Mounting: The Sky Cafe bird feeder can be easily hung up or mounted on a 1" pole. Both feeders come with 24" of durable chain. Pole mounting kit can be purchased separately for the Sky Cafe bird feeder.

Hanging - Both the Mandarin and Sky Cafe bird feeders can be hung. DO NOT USE ROPE, as squirrels will chew through it. Using more than 6" of chain will discourage squirrels from grasping the over head limb and chewing the top of the feeder. If you wish to increase the length of the provided chain, use non-edible materials like more chain or wire. If you choose to suspend your hanging feeder from a hanging horizontal wire strung between two supports rather than a branch, make sure the length of the line is at least 8' long, monofilament wire or piano wire are good options. As an added measure of defense, you can also add plastic soda bottles. LP records or pieces of PVC tubing along the wire to keep squirrels from running across.

Do NOT use rope as squirrels will chew through it.

Pole Mounting - The Sky Cafe bird feeder can be pole mounted. Make sure your Sky Cafe is at least 5' off the ground. The simplest methods of guarding your feeder from an assault from below is to attach a wrap-around skirt to the bottom of the feeder or attach the Squirrel Away baffle. The baffles come in a variety of colors and can become an eye catching feature in your yard. You can also choose a color that can be more discrete and blend into your backyard. Because the Squirrel Away baffle is made of durable plexiglas and not obtrusive metal, the baffle will not become extremely hot on sunny days and it is always safe to touch by adults and children.

Try a Wrap-Around Skirt or a Squirrel-Away Pole Baffle.

3. Gluing: As an added protection from chewing, try gluing the metal washer directly to the top of the bird feeder.

Try gluing the metal washer to the top of the dome.

4. Birdseed: Select seed that squirrels do not like. Try thistle seed or safflower seed to make them less eager to raid your bird feeder.

Try Thistle Seed or Safflower Seed

5. Extra Spicy: Squirrels and other mammals can taste the hot sensation of the capsaicin in chili pepper but birds are immune. One sampling of the spicy seed will teach any squirrel to look else where for food. There are commercially available capsaicin mixtures especially for use in bird feeders, or you can make your own mixture of ground cayenne pepper. Sprinkle the powder over the seeds and mix it in gently before filling the feeder. Be sure to not to stir too vigorously or stand over the feeder while you pour them in to avoid a cloud of hot pepper fumes and remember to wash your hands after handling the powder so not to get it into your eyes accidentally.

Birds can't taste the hot sensation from capsaicin in chili peppers.

6. Compromise: If the improbable happens you find yourself fighting off, what can no doubt be, genetically enhanced super squirrels.

Resistance is Futile

There is one last resort option, set up a separate feeder for the squirrels. There are several options for specialized squirrel feeders and food that is safe and healthy to eat. Avoid feeding them peanuts or sunflowers, those foods are not good for them.

What NOT to do:

DO NOT USE petroleum jelly or other lubricants on the chain, wire or pole, they are dangerous to squirrels and birds. The jelly will get on fur and feathers. It will make it difficult for birds to fly and squirrels will find it very difficult to clean off. You can seriously harm a squirrel by making it susceptible to falling.

DO NOT KILL the squirrels. There may laws in your area against this tactic. Also, this is NOT an effective method of removing squirrels from your backyard. For every squirrel you "remove" another will just move right in to take its place.

Can't we all just get along?

Hopefully these tips will discourage squirrels from trying to get into your Sky Cafe or Mandarin bird feeder.