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Wholesale SquirrelStuff.com

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Welcome Wholesale Customers,

Squirrel Stuff & SkyCafe has a new Wholesale site!

We have updated our website and online systems to better accommodate our customer's needs. Click here to set up your online wholesale account today. It's Easy!

Fill out the simple and short form with your basic shipping and contact information:

Squirrel Stuff wholesale
Click the I'm a Wholesale Customer button and enter in your store's website address & state tax ID number to speed the approval process. Wholesale account approval takes 1 business day.

Can't take filling out another form?

That's ok, our new system lets us help you through the process, we can even set up your online account for you, just give us a call and say "sign me up for wholesale online please". If we're already shipping to you, then we probably have all your shipping & contact information on hand, and that's half the battle! We can enter in the information for you.

A few new things to know before ordering:

wholesale baffle 4-packs
Baffle 4-Packs, Bulk Pricing, & Packaging Options.
wholesale WBU colors
Mix & Match Baffle and Dome Colors (5 colors available)

Shipping: Our website will automatically generate a very general shipping estimate at check out, (wholesale only) please disregard the number as it is only an estimate. We will adjust the shipping to actual discounted rates for our Wholesaler Customers.

Payment: There are now 3 payment options available, Approved Net 30, Credit Card, & PayPal

If you have any questions regarding your account, email wholesale@squirrelstuff.com and we'll be only too happy to help.

But I already set up a wholesale account... what can I still Sign In like before?

Yes, however, the site address is different, it's just www.SquirrelStuff.com No more /ws at the end.

One more detail, due to the terms of our host's PCI Compliance, only your basic shipping & contact information was transferred over. So even though you're still in our system, you will need to reset your password the next time you sign in to www.SquirrelStuff.com or www.Skycafe.com. (don't worry, both addresses will take you to our website)

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused. Please follow the instructions below to reset your password:

Step 1: Click here to reset your password.
fill in
Step 2: Type in your email in the field provided.
Step 3: Check your email for a notification from Squirrel Stuff.

Click the link provided in your email and type in your new password.

Now you're Ready to Shop Wholesale!

As always, we're here to help.
Call between 9am-5pm(cst) Monday - Friday and a real person can assist you through the reset process. We promise to make it a quick painless process.

Thank you, We hope you enjoy the new site!

www.SquirrelStuff.com & wwwSkyCafe.com